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Global Institute of Management & Technology

A Unit Of National Center For Development Of Technical Education
Approved By All India Council for Technical Education
Affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, W. B. and “WBSCT & VE & SD

WIFI Campus

A Wi-Fi campus for Global Institute of Management & Technology (GIMT) refers to a campus where wireless internet connectivity is available throughout the premises of the institute. This setup allows students, faculty, and staff to access the internet on their devices without the need for wired connections.

Having a Wi-Fi campus offers several advantages for GIMT. It enables seamless communication and collaboration among students, faculty, and staff, enhancing the learning and working environment. It also facilitates access to online resources, e-learning platforms, and digital libraries, which are integral to modern education and research.

Furthermore, a Wi-Fi campus promotes flexibility and mobility, as users can connect to the internet from various locations on campus, such as classrooms, auditoriums, labs, libraries, and outdoor spaces. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for GIMT students, who may need to access online tools and resources for their coursework and projects.

Overall, implementing a Wi-Fi campus at GIMT can significantly enhance the educational experience, improve the overall efficiency and productivity of students and faculty, and align the institute with modern technological standards.

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Notice For Certificate Collection of M.Tech/B.Tech from and on 24/03/2023


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